About us

Challengers is a crazy experiment, built by even crazier people. It is a non-profit, bootstrapped event built by entrepreneurs for the curious people who feel they need more from traditional tech events.

Its a new way of building events with real impact and collective experiences. We don't do video recording or streaming, nor do we have any demo-stands or startup pitches. The speakers either present or get interviewed (no panels). We also shy away from theoretical companies or concepts, instead we focus on emotional content and engagement. Great content and awesome networking.

We gather 20+ speakers who are at the forefront of disruption, change, policy and maintaining the humanity's and Earth's survival and its constant advancement. The goal is to impact the delegates with information so powerful that it will provoke actions and consequent reactions.

We host speakers who are challengers rather than champions and fill the venue with an audience who understand the complex and shifting paradigms, and are not afraid of adopting something new, while challenging the old.

You will taste new ingredients and foods, see completely new way of curing illnesses, understanding the impact of self-driving vehicles on modern world and learn how you can help with Earth's most urgent issues.

Great things start with a challenge!